Guest Writers

I am happy to see professionals reaching out to my blog and willing to do the collaboration with me. So here is the overview of experts who have helped me and have done guest writing on my blog.

CV imageIlona Suojanen just recently finished off her Ph.D. thesis titled Young professionals and the pursuit of happiness at work, at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interest lies in happiness and well-being at work and especially focuses on alternative ways of researching happiness and happiness responsibility. She has graduated from the University of South Australia with a Master in Journalism and from the University of Turku, Finland with a Master in Educational Sciences. She is the author of the book Work for your happiness (2012).

Ilona is the author of the post “5 ways to help Generation Y to find happiness at work

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Laura Liisa

Laura Liisa Lemmetsar has been leading different teams and fields in organizations, starting from finance ending with Talent Management. She knows young people and is working to develop their and her own leadership skills every day.

Being a board member and leading more than 25 people directly she has experienced all the aspects of HR: management, compiling, recruiting (to work for free) culture creation to achieve together, goal setting education etc.

She is currently leading an HRtech company, CakeHR, in Estonia which mainly means introducing new and more effective ways to work, through engaging technology into your everyday work.

Laura Lisa is the author of the post ” A key to Workplace Happiness: Employee Experience”

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